750W Leadshine 2-phase Easy Servo motor 86CME85=86HBM80 with HSS86 Hybrid Servo Driver in Pakistan

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750W Leadshine 2-phase Easy Servo motor 86CME85=86HBM80 with HSS86 Hybrid Servo Driver in Pakistan
Product Description;
Input voltage
Output current
0.1~10A (PEAK)
Pulse frequency
16 MicroSteps
Logic Signal Current
Humidity 40%RH  – 90%RH
Storage environment
-20ºC – 65ºC


l Step and direction control

l Closed position loop for no loss of movement synchronization

l Operating voltage: 20-80 VDC

l Load based output current of 0.1 – 10 A

l High torque at starting and low speed

l No torque reservation

l High stiffness at standstill

l Significantly reduced motor heating

l Smooth motor movement and extra low motor noise

l Quick response, no delay and zero settling time

l No loss of steps; no hunting; no overshooting

l Plug-and-play and no tuning \


 Leadshine 2-phase Easy Servo motor 86HBM80-01-1000=86CME85 Standard frame NEMA 34 can out Torque 8NM encoder 1000 line  work with CNC stepper driver  fit CNC hybrid servo drives make up a Close Loop system ,New model name now

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2-phase hybrid stepper motor
1000-lines/Rev. encoder
Standard NEMA 34 dimensions
High torque design
Introduction :
The 86HS40-EC three-phase stepper motor with encoder feedback is designed to work with Leadshine hybrid servo drive HBS86 or HBS86H in the hybrid servo control system.
HBS hybrid servo drive system Series Overview
HBS hybrid servo ressaix open loop stepper compared:
lost step phenomenon does not occur, to ensure that the motor precise positioning;
 High-speed performance increase of about 30%, improve equipment operating speed;
motor heating decreased by about 20%, and to extend the service life of the motor
 motor vibration is significantly reduced, run more smoothly;
alternating current control technology to reduce power consumption;
LaserSight HBS mixed servo and AC servo compared:
 without parameter adjustment, more convenient to use;
 Zero speed stop a stable, high-speed stop jitter;
 position in response to fast, especially suitable for short distance quickly start and stop the occasion;
 greater torque, smaller installation dimensions;
 costs reduced by up to 50%;
      In addition to the above advantages, paragraph driver is increased alarm output function, when the drive to monitor the motor running in a continuous-off is set out, the drive is automatically cut off the motor supply simultaneously output an alarm signal to the host computer until the alarm signal to eliminate the maximum extent to ensure that the client machine safe and efficient operation, and improve work efficiency.
Core features:
1, input voltage 18-75VDC, the peak output current up to 8A;
2, the motor comes standard with the 1000 line encoder, support vector closed-loop control, a conventional stepping motor lost step from the fundamental solution to the problem; 3, may drive the the 57,86 series hybrid servo motor, the motor speed up to 3000RPM; 4, the use of advanced current control technology, can be a good way to improve the characteristics of acceleration and deceleration of the motor, to extend the service life of the machinery; 5,6 position DIP switch settings, the largest micro-step up to 40000, the positive and negative direction, the motor parameters can be set; 6 drive configuration overload signal output, improve the quality of the system is running;


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